195 People Impacted

One of our families explains how the computer we donated to her daughter benefited her:

"My daughters attend a tech school, so all their school work is on computers. My twin daughters use the computer daily. The computer allows me to better support them with their homework."


Donate Money

You might find it hard to believe that many students don’t have computers at home, but it’s true. In Alameda County, for example, the last census determined that 48,203 people suffered from poverty, and we know that most of them lack access to computers.  Imagine how far behind their children are at school when almost all middle class and rich kids have at least one computer they use to research and write papers.  Poor children perform less well in school partly because they can’t compete well against other students who have a computers at home, while most low-income kids do not, so the poor kids fall further behind.

And poverty, welfare, drug abuse and violence continue into the next generation.

Would you like to do something to turn things around right now?

You can. Just contact us [email protected] for more information.

Or, if you’re ready to contribute now, please know that your donation will allow us to refurbish used computers and to distribute to low-income families with kids.

$50 enables… us to give 1 laptops for 1 family with K-12 kids.

$100 enables… us to give 2 laptops to 2 families with K-12 kids.

$500 enables… us to give 10 laptops to 10 families with K-12 kids.


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