FAQs for Parents:

1. How can I qualify to receive a computer, is it by school or location?

You would need to fill out a survey with a video submission, and a final interview. We offer to students from East Bay and San Francisco After School Program participants or community center participants.

2. Is there an age range?

From K-6 graders.

3. Is there an income requirement?


4. How does RRR select the type of computer I get?

How the students will use the computer and also what is available at the time.

5. What are the interview stages and do I have to be present?

After the Survey, video submission, and during the final interview you must bring your child and proof of income.

6. When will the computer distributed?

The selection committee will review the survey, video, and the final interview and decide who the deserving family will receive them due to limited amount of computers.

FAQs for Donors:

1. What is RRRComputer.org?

RRRcomputer.org is an organization where we turn end of life computers into educational tools for underprivileged K-6 kids.

2. What do I need to do to donate my old computers?

Backup all your data
Erase your hard drive with one of the Hard Drive Erase program at RRRcomputer.org/Drive-Erase on our website if you have sensitive data.
With very sensitive data, you may take out the hard drive to have it professionally destroyed
Bring it in and we will assess your computer and will give you a tax deductible donation form

3. I do not have unused computers to donate, but would like to donate toward your organization. Where do I do so?

You can donate money at our site url: RRRcomputer.org/donate-money

4. Please tell me more about the tax deductible aspect of my donations, do I get a form?

We will give you a tax deductible form when you donate money or computer(s) on the spot.

5. My company wants to support your organization, can they donate computers as well?

Yes, definitely. We encourage company to donate computers to satisfy their corporate social responsibility as well as satisfying the environmental responsibility for not letting them go to landfills.

6. Where are your donation drop-off locations? Do you guys pick up as well?

The drop off locations are:

901 Mission St, Suite 105 San Francisco, CA 94105

2323 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612

We do pickup for more than 5 computers. If not, please talk to your friends, neighbors, and church members to donate so that we can pick up more in one trip. We are trying to be as green as possible.

7. Who do I get in touch with for more details and further questions?

Please send us an email to donate@RRRcomputer.org for more information

8. Does RRR only take computers? What about cables and other equipment?

We take laptops, desktop towers, monitors, mice, keyboards, speakers, webcams, and surge protectors.

9. How do I find out about future donation drives and details? Is there a mailing list?

Please email to Donate@RRRcomputer.org