IT Services

We offer a variety of IT services to organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fulfill your IT needs while supporting a good cause in the process! Hire us over competitors, knowing that the cost of your service will be used to fund our mission of providing low-income K-6 students with free computers. To receive a quote, call 1-884-900-RRRC.

Computer Hardware Repair & Upgrades: We troubleshoot and repair all types of hardware issues for computers and tablets. If your computer is running slowly, we can speed it up with a memory or SSD (solid state drive) upgrade. Need more space? We can upgrade your hard drive for increased storage.

  • Out-of-Warranty Repair Mac Desktops and Laptops
  • Out-of-Warranty Repair of PC Desktops and Laptops
  • Computer Upgrades (e.g. Hard Drives, SSD, Memory, etc.)
  • iPad and Tablet Repair
  • Computer Hardware for Business Consultation

Software Services: If your computer has a virus, we can remove it and get your computer running normally again. We can help upgrade or reinstall Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X to the latest version.

  • Virus, Spyware, and Malware Removal
  • Operating System Upgrades and Reformatting
  • Software Solutions for Business Consultation

Networking Services: Let us help you with your networking needs. We can optimize your wireless and wired networks for coverage and speed with the latest technologies. Keep unwanted users off your network by having us set up security.

  • Design and Implementation of Wired and Wireless Networks
  • Network Wiring Installation
  • Network Security Implementation

Data Backup Services: It’s important to keep your data backed up in case anything happens to your computer. Let us help you with this preventative measure or get you set up with software to automate the process. If you’re planning to sell your computer, it’s a good idea to perform a secure wipe so other people can’t retrieve your personal information.

  • Computer Data Backup
  • Secure Wipe of Hard Drives According to U.S. Department of Defense Standards

Drive Erase for Donation