RRRcomputer is looking to donate 25 laptops to Academy of Alameda in September 2016

RRRcomputer.org is looking to donate 25 laptops to Academy of Alameda for their after school program for the instruction of photoshop and adobe products.  Any corporation out there who has laptops that would go to recycling would be welcome to give them to us to so we can give them to Academy of Alameda.


Academy of Alameda Middle School is ASES funded and are often the only place our low income students are able to use a computer to complete homework and/or projects. We have limited access to our school’s technology but try to serve our students as best we can each day. Having some laptops of our own would mean that more students would get more access, and would approve our efficacy rate for homework completion. In this technological age it’s crucial that we spend time with our kids and teach them how to access tools they will inevitably need in the future!