At, our mission is to enhance education by reclaiming, refurbishing, and reusing computers to provide K-6 kids equal access to education. To prevent e-waste in the environment, we receive computers from corporations and individuals through donations. We then refurbish them and distribute to deserving children who may not have the opportunity to own or access a computer.

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June 2016 Distribution to After School Programs and their families

Do your After School Programs and/or K-6 families need computers? Do your After School Programs want to receive computers from (Reclaim Refurbish Reuse Computer)?  If so please have the head of the program to apply through for us to consider your programs.  Please tell us why your program needs of the computer donation from  We will consider your application along with other

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Christmas 2015 Computer Distribution to kids of low income families

Christmas 2015 Computer Distribution is making progress in realizing our mission to provide computers to children in this latest phase. In June, we received a corporate donation of identical computers. Receiving identical computers makes it easier for us to refurbish and re-image. The laptops were refurbished during the 3rd quarter, and loaded with a new operating system, OpenOffice™, and access to online word

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A family received a computer during Christmas 2015 distribution

Christmas 2015 Distribution During Christmas 2015 distribution in heavy pouring rain, there was a family was determined to come to get the computer for her 4 children.  She was homeless some time after she applied.  She found out that her landlord was not an actual landlord whom she had been paying to.  So now she is without a home with her kids attending school.  She

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