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Hue Mach – Founder

Hue grew up during the emergence of personal computers. He began programming at a young age, but couldn’t fully develop his interests since computers were expensive at the time. He ended up majoring in Engineering.  After the internship at PG&E, he discovered he hated Engineering.  Instead of paying for school for Computer Science, he came home to work in a computer consulting firm.  Short after, he founded a computer company.  During the tough time during the recession, he took a contract job.  The contract job that involved upgrading PCs, and was concerned when he saw perfectly capable Windows XP machines piling up unused in a storage room. The fire marshal said it was a fire code violation, and that they needed to be cleared out. Hue then asked the person in charge to see if the decommissioned computers could be donated to his non-profit RRRcomputer.org, so they could be given to children. He was surprised to hear the answer was “NO,” and that the PCs were given to a recycler as if they were not working. After that upsetting experience, Hue has focused more time into RRRcomputer.org, and invites volunteers help with the cause. He believes companies should prioritize their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts towards the benefit the children and equal access to computers. Social responsibility can go a long way if corporations and passionate individuals work together.




Scott Davis – Acting Board of Director in Internet Marketing

Scott has worked as a marketing leader at tech companies such as Box, SugarSync, and Deutsche Telekom. He’s seen first-hand how most tech companies recycle computers after as little as 2 years. After working as a VP of Marketing for a corporate philanthropy software provider, he decided to do something about it and volunteered his time to RRRcomputer.

I understand that the tech companies need the latest equipment to keep pace with innovation, but it’s such a waste when so many children still don’t have a computer. It’s an easy thing for them to donate and to have a real impact in the community.




Ofek Lavian – Acting Board of Director in Strategy

Ofek Lavian works as a Consultant at Deloitte, with experience identifying strategy and technology solutions that help drive transformation, improve productivity, and streamline business operations for our clients. In his current role, Ofek supports the strategic initiatives and activities of the Chief Technology Officer. Prior to this role, Ofek was selected to participate in a three month international immersion program in India, leading the development of a custom web application regularly used by over 10,000 end users. He is always eager and ready to take on challenging and complex assignments and thrives on functioning in a fast-paced environment. Ofek’s previous professional experience includes interning at a venture capital firm and founding a custom apparel company, which was successfully acquired in 2013.

Prior to joining Deloitte, Ofek planned and executed a trip around the world for 9 months taking him to 21 different countries with highlights such as trekking to Mt. Everest Base Camp, running with the bulls in Spain, and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. He has strong communication, analytical, and organization skills as well as leadership experience and a passion for learning and innovation. Ofek graduated with honors from the University of Southern California with a B.S. in Business Administration.



Jichao Xu – Acting Board of Director in Finance

Jichao is currently an investment professional at Tricon Capital, a private equity investment firm focused on the residential real estate industry with $4.7 billion in assets under management. In his current role, Jichao is responsible for sourcing, underwriting, and managing real estate investments in the US and Canada. Prior to this role, he worked at Citigroup in investment banking, focused on mergers and acquisitions advisory and capital raising across a variety of industries.

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Jichao graduated with honors from Northwestern University with a B.A. in Economics, Mathematics, and Finance.



Ravi Dhillon – Acting Board of Director in Fundraising

Ravi has spent a decade in the technology industry, primarily selling services to large enterprises. He has worked for several companies ranging from mid-market organizations to Fortune 500 across US, Canada, UK and India. He is a volunteer with the American Red Cross where he has been in several roles. He has also fund-raised and built houses in Kenya and El Salvador with Habitat for Humanity. Having grown out of a severely poverty stricken family in rural India, he wants to help others in need.

In his free time, Ravi likes to read, run Spartan and Tough Mudder races, learn photography and do light powerlifting.



Jim Cullen – Acting Board of Director in Information Technology

Jim has worked for technology companies since getting his BS in Computer Science, followed later by an MBA from Babson College. He currently is bicoastal, spending every other week in the Bay Area, which he prefers to his time in MA because it doesn’t snow in San Francisco! He is eager to support the mission of RRRComputer and leverage his contacts to open new sources of older machines.





Charlene Childers-Coleman – Business Advisor

Charlene is a marketing professional with experience in hi-tech (hardware and software) and consumer electronics. She has a passion for mentoring and nurturing children, as well as astronomy, science, science fiction, and music. During her professional career, she has been responsible for major product launches in networking hardware, software, audio electronics and gaming. A transplant to the bay area from New York, she has always been involved in community activities related to children, veterans, marginalized groups, and the economically disadvantaged on both coasts.





Al Archangel – IT Manager

Al Archangel is an information technology professional with over fifteen years of experience in providing technology services and support to businesses of all sizes in industries ranging from tech startups to public companies in oil & gas. He is currently an IT Infrastructure Architect at Pacific Gas and Electric Co. in San Francisco, where he leverages his skills in server and networking technologies, project management, and IT management. He has nonprofit volunteer experience with The Taproot Foundation (volunteer account director) and Children’s Council of San Francisco (board member, chair of finance and audit committees).

Prior to entering the IT career field, Al served on active duty in the U.S. Air Force, and later as a part-time Reservist. He earned a B.A. in Chemistry from University of Louisville, and is presently enrolled in the Trans-Global EMBA program at Saint Mary’s College of California.




Sara Atienza – Education Advisor

Sara Atienza has over 10 years of experience working in the education industry as a researcher, educator, after school program director, and academic counselor. For the past five years, I have worked as an educational researcher with WestEd’s Math, Science, Engineering, and Technology Program. WestEd is a non-profit agency dedicated to improving education for all learners. I have dedicated my work to understand how young children learn within digital environments. I lead evaluations to test the educational impact of technology-based interventions in the classroom and at home. I also manage a technology-based family engagement program targeting Head Start families in Richmond, East Palo Alto, and Oakland. In addition, my work also focuses on working with educational game developers to maximize the educational potential of their products through user testing and classroom studies.

Prior to working in education research, Sara has taught in elementary school classrooms, managed after school programs for high school students and counseled immigrant families and students through the college application process. Sara is a Fulbright Scholar and has experience working with students and communities across Asia. She has a Masters of Arts in Education from Stanford University and Bachelors degrees in Sociology and Economics from the University of California, Davis.




Allen Phan – IT Technician

I received my first personal computer when I was in the 4th grade, and since then, I’ve had a strong interest for computers and technology. My background is in biology, but I am working towards a career in IT because it is what I am truly passionate about. Helping others is a core value of mine, and I have a desire to do meaningful work that betters the world. Volunteering with RRRComputer.org allows me to give back by contributing my skills towards a good cause, while allowing me to gain experience to advance my career.





An Nguyen – Coding Instructor

An’s software engineering credits are in various 3D video games spanning 15 years. But in more recent years he has shifted his career to Internet and mobile phone software. Versed in various programming languages, his volunteer focus at RRRcomputer is to teach disadvantaged youth how to code. He also volunteers as a youth mentor for other nonprofits in San Francisco.





John Graham – Coding Instructor

My name is John Graham and I am a data scientist working as a Presales Engineer at SAP. In my work I get to talk to innovative customers all over the world looking to leverage machine learning into their businesses, like Lockheed Martin, Cisco, Apple, and Facebook. When I started programming, I never imagined where it would take me. Sadly I didn’t start programming until college! I had never thought about coding when I was in grade school because it seemed boring. When I was forced to try it in my class, to my surprise, it fascinated me. By the time I completed my degree, I was hooked.

I strongly believe that anyone committed to learning programming can achieve an exciting career. If you can write, you can code. Coding is for everyone. I regret that I didn’t begin coding earlier in life and want to be part of a change the educational system. My approach is to combine Massive Open Online Courseware with simple instruction and interactivity. The focus is on learning by doing, at ones one pace. I look forward to working with teachers parents staff to give students the keys to the modern economy and society, while having some fun!




Joshua Chong – Outreach, Korean & Spanish Interpreter

Growing up in a Korean immigrant family, I realized the lack of computer literacy skills amongst low income immigrant youth. Today technology is rapidly changing and although the availability of resources has increased due to these advancements, low income and underprivileged youth are still marginalized as a result of an insufficient access to computers or simply the inability to use one at home. I grew a passion for technology and underserved populations in hopes to decrease the disparity between those with and without a computer. Currently I am working as a researcher in immunology at UCSF, and even in the field of medical research, computer literacy has become a prerequisite.





Augusto Lopez – Videographer

Life in Digital came together in 2009 shortly after quitting my full-time sales job for a small tech firm. Since then, I have dedicated myself to videography and a little photography when the mood strikes. I have a passion for capturing all the great moments that occur in life. Aside from filming, I enjoy writing scripts and aim to create some short films in the near future.





Krisha Chhaganlal – Graphic Designer

Krisha Chhaganlal is a talented graphic designer whose passion is reflected in her carefully articulated work. She has been in the graphic design and print industry for over 8 years. She currently works at San Francisco Media Company, where she builds layouts and designs advertisements for several print publications, including the SF Examiner and the SF Weekly. Computers have always been an early interest for Krisha and she hopes it can be a more accessible tool for everyone.




Sayali Deshmukh – UX/UI Designer

I am a designer with a technical background. I have been using computers since I was in 7th grade, and that has shaped my interest in technology. I want to leverage the knowledge and skills that I have gained to help others. With the growing importance of technology, it has become essential for everyone to have access to computers.

In my free time I enjoy traveling/hiking/painting.