Volunteer Needed

Donate Time with RRRcomputer.orgWe are looking for volunteers in the following areas:

  • Public Relations
    • Directly contact businesses about our cause
    • Post flyers in the local community
    • Spread the word on social media and maintain social media accounts
    • Write for our blog
  • Fundraising
    • Plan events to help raise money for our cause
  • Grant Writing
    • Apply for grants to fund our cause
  • IT/Computer Refurbishing
    • Troubleshoot and repair donated computers
    • Install new operating systems and software
    • Teach computer recipients how to use software
  • Multimedia Creation
    • Videographers and photographers needed to help capture and express our cause
  • Multilingual Speakers/Translators
    • Spanish speakers needed to help interact with families receiving computers
  • Donation Drive Organizers and Volunteers
    • Organize donation drives in your area
    • Help facilitate donation drives on the day of the event

To become involved, send an email to [email protected] or contact us directly by filling out the form below:

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