Our Mission


Our vision is to make “One Kid, One Computer” a reality.


 At RRRcomputer.org, our mission is to enhance education by reclaiming, refurbishing, and reusing computers to provide K-12 kids equal access to education. To prevent e-waste in the environment, we receive computers from corporations and individuals through donations.  We then refurbish them and distribute to deserving children who may not have the opportunity to own or access a computer.  Each $50 will help us distribute 1 computers to 1 family with kids.


At RRRcomputer.org, we value socioeconomic equality, tech literacy, and environmental responsibility.

We believe every child should have a computer of their own. A digital divide exists between families that can afford personal computers at home, and families that cannot. Children that grow up in families without proper access to technology are less likely to pursue careers in the tech industry. If something isn’t done to bridge the digital divide, careers in the tech industry will remain inaccessible to children from families of low socioeconomic status.

In today’s day and age, technology is becoming more and more important in everyday life. We believe children from all socioeconomic backgrounds should be knowledgeable of computer skills in order have successful futures.

Our organization believes there are better uses for old computers than being scrapped for parts and creating unnecessary e-waste in landfills. We encourage businesses and individuals to be mindful of the environment by re-evaluating what they do with their old computers. Instead of giving them to recycling centers, consider donating them to us, where they will be repurposed as educational tools for underprivileged children.



Our goal is to provide computers to underprivileged children in the San Francisco Bay Area and teach them the tech skills they’ll need in order to lead successful futures. Every quarter, we aim to improve our goal by distributing 25% more computers to kids in need, and teach 25% more kids essential computer skills.


Who We Are

RRRcomputer.org is an organization fiscally sponsored by Empowerment WORKS, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. We are composed of a group of passionate professionals from various industries, including IT, marketing, biotech, and law, all with a common goal to bridge the digital divide in the San Francisco Bay Area. Find out more about individual members on the Active Members page. Become involved by volunteering your time and expertise towards our cause!