Make "1 Kid, 1 Computer" a reality

We accomplish this by giving low-income children previously owned computers that we refurbish for our kids. In this way, underprivileged K-12 youth might enjoy the same access to computers in education as their more fortunate friends.  Our business and individual donors benefit by possibly enjoying tax deductions and by meeting their corporate social responsibilities.     A small $50 donation will provide one child with her own computer.

155 People Impacted

One of our families explains how the computer we donated to her daughter benefited her:

"My daughters attend a tech school, so all their school work is on computers. My twin daughters use the computer daily. The computer allows me to better support them with their homework."

55 Computers Given Out

With your computer donation and money donation, we are able to distribute the computers to the needy children and after school program

Number of low income families.

San Francisco:                         11.6 percent = 14,131

Alameda County:                 14.0 percent = 48,203

Solano County:                      17.2 percent = 16,966

 Contra Costa County:           14.4 percent = 36,513

Santa Clara County:              8.6 percent = 37,554

San Mateo County:                 9.7 percent = 15,743

California:                        22.7 percent = 2,066,264

United States:                 21.7 percent = 16,045,381

How it Works RRR

RRRcomputer is looking to donate 25 laptops to Academy of Alameda in September 2016 is looking to donate 25 laptops to Academy of Alameda for their after school program for the instruction of photoshop and adobe products.  Any corporation out there who has laptops that would go to recycling would be welcome to give them to us to so we can give them to Academy of Alameda.   Academy of Alameda Middle School is ASES funded and are often the only place our low income students are able to use a computer to complete homework and/or projects. We have limited access to our school’s technology but try to serve our students as best we can each day. Having some laptops of our own would mean that more students would get more access, and would approve our efficacy rate for homework completion. In this technological age it’s crucial that we spend time with our kids and teach them how to access tools they will inevitably

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After School Programs and their families can apply for free computers

Do your After School Programs and/or K-12 families need computers? Do your After School Programs want to receive computers from (Reclaim Refurbish Reuse Computer)?  If so please have the head of the program to apply through for us to consider your programs.  Please tell us why your program needs of the computer donation from  We will consider your application along with other programs.  If your program is selected, your kids’ families will also qualify to apply for computer of their own.  So, please submit by April 30th of 2016 for us to distribute to you before the end of May 2016.    Please include a video submission of your program explaining the needs.  Please spread the word to any after school programs that you know who needs the computers.

A family received a computer during Christmas 2015 distribution

Christmas 2015 Distribution During Christmas 2015 distribution in heavy pouring rain, there was a family was determined to come to get the computer for her 4 children.  She was homeless some time after she applied.  She found out that her landlord was not an actual landlord whom she had been paying to.  So now she is without a home with her kids attending school.  She told us that having a computer would help her kids to keep up with their classmates in the classes.  They can now go to the cafe to use the internet for the kids’ research for homework.  We wish them the best of luck.

June 2015 Donation Drive

June 2015 Computer Donation is making progress in realizing our mission to provide computers to children in this latest phase. In June, we received a corporate donation of identical computers. Receiving identical computers makes it easier for us to refurbish and re-image. The laptops were refurbished during the 3rd quarter, and loaded with a new operating system, OpenOffice™, and access to online word processing tools like Google Docs as well as email services. These laptops are being distributed to deserving Bay Area children December 18 – 19, 2015, 6:00 – 7:30pm, at the Perch Coffee House, 440 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA. is seeking warehouse storage for the equipment in order to accommodate more computers which will also allow us to distribute faster. If you know of a gratis storage area or facility, please contact We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our corporate donors and

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