Make "1 Kid, 1 Computer" a reality

We accomplish this by giving low-income children previously owned computers that we refurbish for our kids. In this way, underprivileged K-12 youth might enjoy the same access to computers in education as their more fortunate friends.  Our business and individual donors benefit by possibly enjoying tax deductions and by meeting their corporate social responsibilities.     A small $50 donation will provide one child with her own computer.

195 People Impacted

One of our families explains how the computer we donated to her daughter benefited her:

"My daughters attend a tech school, so all their school work is on computers. My twin daughters use the computer daily. The computer allows me to better support them with their homework."

Number of low income families.

San Francisco:                         11.6 percent = 14,131

Alameda County:                 14.0 percent = 48,203

Solano County:                      17.2 percent = 16,966

 Contra Costa County:           14.4 percent = 36,513

Santa Clara County:              8.6 percent = 37,554

San Mateo County:                 9.7 percent = 15,743

California:                        22.7 percent = 2,066,264

United States:                 21.7 percent = 16,045,381

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